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Darien Cemetery Information

Inscriptions Pages 1-298
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List of Cemeteries -378
Location of Cemeteries (Chart) -379

This list of inscriptions, town of Darien, was copied November, 1934, under the auspices of the F.E.R.A and thw W.P.A. sponsored by the Connecticut State Library, was compiled under the supervision of Charles R. Hale, State Military Necrologist, assisted by Miss Mary H. Babin, Secretary.

Hartford, Connecticut, December 1937.

Darien Cemeteries

405-1 Spring Grove Cemetery Post Road
405-2 Fitch's Home Cemetery Next to Spring Grove
405-3 St. John's Cemetery Hoyt St. West side
405-4 Bates Cemetery East Lane
405-5 Mather Cemetery Granview Ave., near Broodside Street and partly in Norwalk
405-6 Noroton River Cemetery Post Road at Stamford
405-7 Slasson Cemetery Hanson Road, near Middlesex Road
405-8 Andreas Hoyt Cemetery Middlesex Road, opp. Ox ridge Club
405-9 Waterbury Cemetery Mansfield Av., near Oxridge Hunt Club
405-10 Waterbury # 1 Cemetery Hoyt Street, near St. John's
405-11 Smith Cemetery Stamford Ave. west side near New Canaan line.
405-12 Bates Cemetery Christie Hill Road, near Hollow Tree Road
405-13 Leeds Cemetery Hoyt Street, East Side.
405-14 Stevens Cemetery Stamford Ave west side
405-15 New Jewish Cemetery Stamford Ave. at Railroad Station
405-16 Sammis Cemetery Stamford Ave. south of Jewish
405-17 Old Jewish Cemetery Stamford Ave rear of New Jewish
405-18 Waterbury #2 Cemetery Hoyt Street, west side
405-19 Weed #2 Cemetery Boston Post Road, near Holly Pond
405-20 Weed #1 Cemetery In lots east of Nearwater Lane
405-21 Pelton Cemetery On McCrea property south of Old Kings Highway
405-22 Raymond Cemetery On Glenbreekin farm near Bell Ave.
405-23 Lockwood Cemetery In lots west of Leroy Ave. and south of Railroad.
405-24 Bell Cemetery Off LeRoy Ave. near Middlesex Road
405-25 Fitch Cemetery Vault under St. Lukes Church
405-26 How Cemetery On Walter Smith property cor. Middlesex Road and Hollow Tree Ridge Road
405-27 New St. John's Cemetery New Section of St. John's

Darien Cemetery Map

Darien, Connecticut Cemetery Map from the Hale Collection of Cemetery Records

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