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Headstone Inscriptions
Town of
East Hampton, Connecticut

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This list of inscriptions, Town of East Hampton, was copied in 1934, under the auspices of the F.E.R.A. and the W.P.A. sponsored by the Connecticut State Library, was compiled under the supervision of Charles R. Hale, State Military Necrologist, assisted by Miss Mary H. Babin, Secretary.

Hartford, Connecticut, December 1937.

East Hampton Cemeteries

1. Lake View Cemetery Opposite Lake
2. St. Patrick's R. C. Cemetery On Middletown Road, west of Lake
3. Skinnerville Cemetery Skinnerville, 1 mile south of Center
4. Young Street Cemetery On Moodus Road, 2 miles south of Center
5. Tertia Cemetery Tertia District
6. White Birch District Cemetery North east part of town
7. South West District Cemetery (Waterhole) Southeast part of town
8. Union Hill Cemetery Middle Haddam
9. Private (Hills) Cemetery Mrs. Maud West Farm, near the Lake
10. Hog Hill Cemetery Hog Hill, southwest part of town
11. Hurd Cemetery Near Hurd Park
12. Old Catholic Cemetery On Middletown Road, 1 1/2 mile west of Lake
13. Griffith Cemetery On Jacob Anderson Farm, at Johnsons Bridge
14. Hall Cemetery 1 1/2 miles north of Johnson's Bridge, on road to Lake.

East Hampton Cemetery Map

East Hampton, Connecticut Cemetery Map

Home | Middlesex County | East Hampton Cemetery Information, List and Map