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Headstone Inscriptions
Town of Newtown
Fairfield County Connecticut

Inscriptions Pages 1-200
Index of Inscriptions 201-255
List of Cemeteries -256
Location of Cemeteries (Chart) -257

This list of inscriptions, town of Newtown, was copied November, 1934, under the auspices of the F.E.R.A and thw W.P.A. sponsored by the Connecticut State Library, was compiled under the supervision of Charles R. Hale, State Military Necrologist, assisted by Miss Mary H. Babin, Secretary.

Hartford, Connecticut, December 1937.

Newtown Cemeteries

1. Town Plot Cemetery In Center
2. Village Cemetery In Center
3. Land's End Cemetery Northwest part of town
4. Berkshire Cemetery Formerly known as Zoar Farm
5. Taunton Cemetery Taunton Farms
6. Huntington Cemetery Huntington Section
7. Sandy Hook Cemetery Sandy Hook
8. Flat Swamp Cemetery #1 Near school house
9. Flat Swamp Cemetery #2 On a triangular piece of ground between 3 roads
10. Bradleyville Cemetery In half way river district
11. Hopewell Cemetery Joins Redding line
12. Platt's Cemetery In Palestine, near Morgan 4 Corners
13. Old Morgan's Cemetery On cross road, from Hopewell to Gregory's Orchard, stones in well
14. Botsford Cemetery At Cold Spring
15. St. Rose's Cemetery In Glen part of town
16. Soldiers Monument In Center
17. McCartan Cemetery Front of St. Rose's Church
18. Bennetts cemetery Near Old Bennett Bridge

Newtown Cemetery Map

Newtown, Connecticut Cemetery Map from the Hale Collection of Cemetery Records

Home | Fairfield County | Newtown, CT - Cemetery Information, List and Map